Banking Made Easy

Banking, Payments, Transfers in a Single Platform. Welcome to the Future of Banking!

Welcome to the NeoBank 2.0

The complete Financial Platform.

Enjoy a full range of services such as Mobile Deposit (Coming Soon), ATM network, Paycheck Advance ( Coming Soon), ACH, Wire transfers, and more.

mobile smart phone with paying bills

All your payments and finances are in one place

If You are a freelancer or business owner, you can receive payments quickly using the Eazy app. EazyPay is a cheaper alternative to Stripe and PayPal with fees starting at 1.75% +15 cents. (Coming soon)

Easy to send, perfect to receive.

Easy is a perfect solution if you need to make payments, send money to your family and  friends locally,  or overseas. (Coming soon)



Crafted to empower you throughout your financial journey whether you’re an individual in search of simple personal
banking, a freelancer
navigating the gig economy, or a business in pursuit of streamlined financial solutions.

EAZY customers get Convenient access to ATM’s to any ATM on the national MoneyPass® Network. This includes  access to thousands of machines across the U.S. 

Deposit checks or money orders using your smartphone.(Coming soon)


Our Neo Bank is backed by a trusted financial institution, which ensures that your money is safe and secure.

Easy, complete, Amazing!

Download the Eazy app for IOS and Android (Coming Soon)


Eazy is not a bank.Eazy is a financial technology company. Banking Services are provided by Mbanq’ s Bank partners. 

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